Amalgam or composite?

When a tooth is repaired , several options can be envisaged: a restoration (filling) composite (white) or amalgam (gray), a crown ceramic (zirconia or ceramic or metal) or ceramic inlay... many options!

What material is the best for you?

The selection of the shutter material depends on several factors, it is not only an aesthetic or monetary choice but to use the material that will best suit your needs and your health. The depth and extent of repair, as well as the location of it will also influence the choice of material used.

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What is the amalgam?

Dental amalgam is composed of mercury (50%) and silver, copper and tin (50%). It is used mainly for posterior restorations, as it needs to be compressed to be effective and resistant to loads applied during chewing. It is also cariostatic and has a good seal. By cons, it may be more thermally conductive than the composite, and a brittle or cracked tooth, the whole will be greater risk of fracture.