Mouthguards can :

  • Reduce the risk of concussion.
  • Reduce the risk of fracture of the jaw and teeth.
  • Reduce the severity of injuries to the tongue and mucous membranes of the mouth.

They must be worn both during friendly matches, practices that in your real matches and competitions. In short any time during contact sports or other sports with a risk of fall or strokes.

Depending on your level and your needs, we ofront 3 types of custom mouthguards :

  1. Laminate one density (offered free with an prevention appointment) * for young children.
  2. Laminated two densities (offered free with an prevention appointment)
  3. Rolled over two densities "hardshell" or injected (Cost of materials / Lab billed only). For those who practice at a level pro or semi-pro. This can be personalized with the team logo and player #... (around $180 to $350).